Nature Cinema

The av-production Joachimstal 2010 shows the unique landscape in the border-region between Austria and the Czech Republic. The small settlement of Joachimstal is located in the western part of the Waldviertel near the market town Bad-Großpertholz. The region around Joachimstal offers a huge area of cultivated coniferous forests but in some parts a more natural vegetation with different broadleaf trees like beeches and maples can be found. On the Czech side the highlands are called Novohradské hory or in german Gratzener Bergland. Inside this area you can find one of the last primeval forests of our two countries, which is called Žofínský prales.
The animation shows some panorama-pictures from the region around the Joachimstal. They were shoot in late August 2010.

The music comes from the Band SoUsedi from Praha -!

GPS 48.6380 / 14.7410,14.693871&sspn=0.059884,0.154324&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=&ll=48.638921,14.736443&spn=0.014973,0.038581&t=h&z=15


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