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Hello everybody !!!

Today, we made a nice excursion to the Carefree Valley in the Wudang Mountains. There we enjoyed to walk around this beautiful lake.

I had just finished shooting this moment of calm and peace ... when a motorboat appeared ... and broke the silence.

The scene reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago in the North of China, when I was studying martial arts at the Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy near Siping.

In the late afternoons, I would go to the nearby pine forest to do Qi Gong and Taiji Quan. Sometimes, everything was completely silent. There was not a single noise to be heard. I would also not make any noise as I would stand completely still.

But at some point I needed to start to move, although very slowly and gently, as it was part of my Qi Gong.

I remember this feeling of not wanting to start to move in order not to break the beautiful silence.

This scene reminded me of that experience. It also reminded of Wuji - the non-manifest - manifesting as Taiji - the ultimate dance of polarity that we experience in our lives.

Out of silence, comes a wave ... and life begins :-)

If you want to see the forest I just told you about, check out my video "Nature's Energies". You may also be inspired by my little video "Waves" that does somehow echo this one.

Good and beautiful Wuji and Taiji inspirations to all of you :-)


PS: the music is "Coma" by Yann Tiersen and I find this video very complementary to "Waves":



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