Nature Cinema

NAC (2:31:55) and Lanakila (2:32:44) go head to head from start the the final turn, the entire side by side. A great race between to powerhouse teams. Hano Hano in a strong third. NAC 2 and Marina go for at battling for 4th and Marina 2 and Lanakila 2 race head to head for 6th and 7th. For the coed we fallowed Imua from the Imua escort boat. One note the Lanakila 1 escort boat broke down so NAC and Lanakila ran changes from the same power boat, with Billy Whitford at the Helm. While the two battle on the water off they are the best of friends! So seeing them share an escort boat, Well it looked fun ! I was filming from an open bow boat, with both and underwater housing, and a Boom pole cam. While Cody Quirarte operated hand held. Brett Kotheimer, was with the Imua Coed crew.
Race results can be found here


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