Nature Cinema

Check out my latest work "Ascending" shot in Iceland and Italy:


Dreams turn our daily events into a story, and Big Dreams turn our life story into a myth.
Shot in Iceland, one of the purest lands I have ever seen.

Myths are like the dreams of 10,000 people, the archetypes of the collective unconscious.
Is there a combination between myth, dreams and nature?

To realize this video I lost a camera and part of my equipment in the ocean because of a big unpredictable wave,
so this is the result of the first 3 days of my 10 days Iceland expedition.
My pristin mission was to enhance the magnificence of Iceland by collecting some epic footage of the breathing nature.
The change of plans led me to combine my deep passion for nature and a more introspective view of life.

Hacked GH2 with Nikon primes
Glidecam HD1000 (
RigWheels dolly slider (
Dolgin Power Solutions (

Music by Thomas Bergersen - "Hurt"


Thanks to:

Hasso Iceland car rental (
for the super service

Vitaliy Kiselev and Nick Driftwood (
for their incredible, continuous work

Enrique Pacheco (
for making me discover Iceland through his masterworks.

Dedicated to my girlfriend, my inspiration


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