Nature Cinema

I was interested in how sounds can enter a persons consciousness when they are sleeping.

In this piece the sound of rainfall is interpreted by the dreamer as a nature sound, a link to outdoor life.
During a dream state, your mind is more open to imagining. A rolling, green landscape is conjured in the mind of the dreamer.


Contemporary Art and the Moving Image
Belfast, QFT,
April 3rd 2011

November 18th 2010 at Occupy Space, Limerick

Nov2nd & Nov 3rd 2010 at White Box, Broome St NYC
organised by

'Everyone Has A Different View' exhibition, Playhouse, Nottingham, 21st October - 18 November

'Expanded Architecture' film screenings, part of Sydney's Festival of Architecture 2010, November 6.

International Digital Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria,
13-17 Sept 2010


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