Need to save environment

This video will show you how our activities influence animals around us when we cause their rivers to dry up and gives them to eat plastic bags.

Why should we save water? Life in forest areas is in danger of losing rivers which give them water to drink. Water is taken out of rivers to feed cities and we waste it! Moreover, global warming is decresing the snow that cover mountains of the world. These mountains are source to many rivers. Decrease in snow results in further decrease in volume of water in these rivers. And we know: We are the reason for global warming.

Animals inadvertently eat plastic bags when they try to eat food stuck in them. Even when they don't do so, the huge amout of garbage we create everyday makes it difficult for them to survive.
Should they die for our pleasure and leisure?
Please think about this!

Documentary On Effect Of Human Activities On The Environment
Download this documentary from Vimeo:

This is a non-profit educational video. I do not own images and the music.

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