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there's this fairy tale about two people who know each other for over a billion years, even longer from the time before this universe was formed. and they decided to part, each in another direction, just for the fun of finding each other again. and just for the fun of it they deceived each other so they wouldn't recognise the other when they passed. or pretended not to, just for the fun of it. that was unjust to those who didn't have anyone to find again or knew they wouldn't find anyone. therefore the two people that know each other for over a billion years are obliged to keep searching without the prospect of finding each other. but, as there's a little justice in this universe, the're unaware of that.
this video is meant for a larger screen as it's made of four videos which are projected in each other. the one on the smallest screen is the original one wich was enhanced to video two which was enhanced to video three which at its turn was enhanced to video four. the last one is also enhanced with music of composer/pianist andrew apollos, recorded live at the first edition of the artfestival 'silentium exit' on april 27 of this year in leiden/the netherlands.


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