New Concert Music

daylight paints shifting and changing patterns on walls and floors and ceilings. 'natural art' or 'real virtual' art which recovers and revives memories and thoughts of earlier times when the walls and floors and ceilings helped to maintain families. now, the people are gone and wil be forgotten, just like the daylight will disappear. 'damit dich das tageslicht nicht entgeht' may remind you that there's no such thing as ethernity. nothing lasts. eventually, everything fades away
this video was made with photos of daylightpatterns in an abandoned and stripped house, taken some days before it was demolished. with the images a video was made which' length matched a musical improvisation by members of 'the new clara schumann band'.after completion the visual part of the video was heavely processed in many rounds to create an impression of 'escaping daylight'.
as usual, this is a group's work. the members of the 'arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen blickfang' concentrate on collective work based on mutual respect and understanding rather than individual achievements. which is also illustrated by the music: a collective improvisation 'on the spot' without prior instructions in which each musician cares for the piece as a whole and adds an individual touch to it.


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