Recipe film salad:
protagonist / salt
antagonist / pepper
love / parsley
plot / oil
conflict / chili
effects / glitter
medium / film tape
sound / music tape

... and someone who enjoys

give protagonist and antagonist a spatial limitation. add somelove. createa basis for a story, and mix the whole thing well. protagonist andantagonist should be well marinated with the story. now they need a conflict. here too, you know what imean. if everything is mixed well and marinated you need an idea of howyou want to present everything optically / effects to round off everything ornot distract the guests and give them a clear look at your ingredients. withthis question, you need a flavor carrier for your marinade, it is not suitable in pure form! so you will needa roll of film as fresh as possible. if you can not find fresh rolls offilm anymore, you can of course rely on ones and zeros. these are easierand cheaper to maintain and do not alter the taste of your salad verymuch. the last thing we need now is a little sound. the roll of filmprovides us with natural and even sound. for one or another this is quitesufficient. for me though it may be somewhat more than that. i want it topick me up in the form of music and take me away. i would like underscorethe tone between protagonist and antagonist. i would like an explosion in the mouth. the 'allor nothing' principle precisely. but as i said before, whoever wants tomake the salad without sound will be fine as well. now, the salad shouldbe eaten as soon as possible. the taste of your guest will changerapidly. set up the salad with as much love as how you have prepared it.

bon appetit

your guest should never forget your salad.

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