New York City Artists

May 19th I screened our new film outside of Washington DC. This video covers the Q&A after the film played.

If you would like to see the film it's self you can see it now here

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73 min film

“The Dolls of Lisbon” is New York City’s Antagonist Art Movement’s latest exploit inspired by the Zapatista Dolls of Mexico, a souvenir that travelled the world symbolizing a little known rebellion. The Antagonists take aim at the legacy of Andy Warhol’s over commercialization and commodification of art. Like the Zapatista Movement our Dolls are a symbol of resistance, here to wage war against mass production and to give a voice to those who walk a unique and sometimes arduous path.

This film re-examines the notion of the struggling artist, and initiates a cultural exchange among artists from The United States, Ecuador, Portugal, and fellow Antagonist Artists across Europe.

Driven by a vital underground soundtrack, Super 8mm film and stop motion animation, “The Dolls of Lisbon” explores art and all its existential struggles on and off the canvas.


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