SONY NEX-5 - Video Clips - Info

Shot a little montage while waiting between photo shoots. Let's just say it's my tribute to my neighbourhood that always gets overlooked by Hong Kong Island - i.e. Where everybody goes to get skyline shots.
Footage taken with Sony NEX-5N (25p) on Vivid setting with Tokina 28-70mm (I wish I had my anamorphic lens...). Great little camera but aliasing is atrocious.
Shot from the 42nd floor of Langham Hotel, Kowloon.
That day was typhoon season.

Kowloon 九龍 (literally translates to nine dragons) is a major urban area of Hong Kong. And in many retrospects, is the 'heart' of Hong Kong. You want those long narrow streets laden with funky neon signs? Triad gangs? Night markets? Good curry?? Inspirations that created Gotham City??? It's Kowloon, baby.

Music: Main Theme from Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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