Blue moon is called the full moon that happens for a second time in the same month. And although our beloved celestial object changes colors only for reasons of symbolism, it's a tradition that this second appearance is followed by various forms of celebrations by humanity.

Another tradition is that every now and then we find ourselves roaming around Thallata Hotel at Northern Evoia ( ), for some good reason. Our latest visit to this favorite place happened so we will be priviliged to film one of the celebrations of August's Blue Moon, a really extraordinary event named «All That Blue Moon Concert» starring famous actress/soprano Hara Kefala and internationally acclaimed pianist Sami Amiri. So, the premises were pointing to a really incredible night. And believe us when we say so, incredible night it was.

This is the first trailer. At least another one will follow later, covering other "angles" of the story. And for some boring tech, this was a two-people, 4-camera shooting. Sony NEX-FS100, A77, VG20 and also Canon 7D were the toys we were playing with that great night.


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