Northern Ireland Filmmakers

A short documentary on The Emerald Armada, a Belfast band. Filmed at the end of 2010 as the band launch their first EP.

The Emerald Armada set sail in early 2010. The fleet began with the friendship of singer/songwriter Augustus Allen and bassist Gary Lynas. From an early age these two companions grew up to love the sound of raw, energetic and meaningful music from such artists as John Martyn to Pearl Jam. Competing in a constant battle to perfect that "Freebird" solo, both became craftsmen in their instruments. Benjamin Hamilton blasted into the scene after being introduced to Augustus through their solo projects. Ben brought a unique and quirky flavour to the mix with his endless melodies and ear for an uplifting harmony...they have never looked back since.... Untill it was too late, Mr Hamilton has taken a selfish trip to the States no doubt to do something rude! An extremly talented Tony McHugh has since joined the team and with an insane guitar playing style has surely held his own! In late 2009 at a 'Scorpion Jack' ( session, Augustus was blown away by the beat master Dermot Moynagh and his incredibly gifted Bodhran playing, winning the 2009 All Ireland Bodhran Competition. The rest is history and after a few promising sessions The Emerald Armada was brought to life with the soul ambition of creating music from all of lifes little inspirations. After an impressive debut show in the acclaimed Black Box, followed by a jam-packed performance at the John Hewitt, The Emerald Armada are ready to roll on and take the seven seas by storm! "If this was their first gig then what will they be like after a few more!" Fusebox Promotions "Set to be the find of 2010" Deadonmusic..


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