Northern Ireland Filmmakers

After watching four young free runners at my daughters gymnastics class I decided to approach them with the intention of doing a night-time project in their hometown of Carrickfergus. We set out initially with the concept of keeping them in darkness and giving the whole film a real seedy vibe. I'd imagine, given the choice, the boys would have opted for some more up-tempo music, but I think this track lends itself very well to the overall feel.

With this film I wanted to push the DSLR and myself, to see just how far we could go before the image quality started to break down under practical lighting and also just how quickly I could operate. I'm used to working very quickly with stills and was curious as to just how quick you could be shooting video. It has become apparent that anything above 800 ISO is getting into dodgy territory.

This has also given me the opportunity to use FCP X and learn editing. It seems to be an easy app to use. Much more so than the older FCP anyhow.

This project has so far been about making mistakes and learning from them (i.e. don't use a Merlin Steadicam in 20mph winds whilst running backwards and expect a smooth shot).

So anyway, here it is. Thanks for the effort and I hope you like it chaps!


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