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On Christmas Day, I got the random idea to do a Canon C300 "test". We had access to the camera over the holiday's, so I wanted to show off its beautiful picture, low-light ability and fine oh so fine filmic grain. We decided we'd just film a single moment in someone's life in the 1930's. I figured we'd do this with a bit of style, a bit of atmosphere and get some practice on techniques while doing it. I enlisted my wife (she was thrilled) and we built a mini set on our dining room table. It turned out pretty good and thanks to this sweet camera, we shot in candle light, an antique-ish 40w light bulb and a tiny z96 LED light.

Though our focus was to showcase the image here, we also created the sound using foley techniques as well as audio recording during the shoot.

Canon C300 EF
foley audio (while and after shooting)
shot on a dining table (my wife is thrilled)
Canon 100mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
never went over 3200 ISO
no sharpening.
no denoising.
no post color grading.
just tweaked contrast and shot with canon LOG at very warm colour temperatures.

You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me by Bing Crosby

Christiaan and Kseniya Welzel

P.s. Before this test I was questioning whether or not I loved this camera. Now I know. It feels right and it's quick to help you get the more complex shots in tight places. I was considering buying a 5D Mark III or a GH3 (both fine cameras and still loved), but I'm happy to stick with the c300.

j vimeo.com/56358615

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