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View the entire Goldtop Collection at Chicago Music Exchange here (

The Gibson Les Paul Goldtop changed the world of guitars when introduced in 1952 and created one of the most significant guitars in rock n' roll history. The years leading to the perfected "holy grail" years, tell a story of great innovation and historical importance that you can see change from year to year. This is their story told by the owner and the vintage specialist of Chicago Music Exchange. Recently acquiring a consecutive collection of Goldtop's beginning with the first year 1952 extending to 1956, these guitars individually show every change made to each model that lead to creating the worlds most important guitar.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1952 (

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1953 (

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1954 (

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1955 (

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1956 (

Music by: Aryeh East

Filmed edited and directed by: Chris Hershman

*Shot on A Nikon


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