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Even if it is not necessary to be a member to sit with them, most of the sunny side of the ring is booked out and it is very difficult to get a place. This whole side of the Bullring is pure spectacle and pandemonium. There are sixteen brass bands sporadically playing their loud music. Sometimes in unison, sometimes different tunes at the same time, creating a din and blare from the beginning to the end of the fights. The chaos has its own certain order and logic. There are some classic spots which are repeated year after year: making the "Mexican" wave, the "Eurovision", Swaying from side to side or imitating a rowing action up and down. Throwing confetti, toilet rolls, etc. at one another. Singing a sarcastic ¨happy birthday" (is a tradition to throw the drink to her/him) to some luckless politican...anything at all that comes to mind.

And despite the constant flow of alcoholic beverages, all is done in good-natured fun so that, in spite of the blare of bagpipes whistles and brass-bands a certain kind of "peace" reigns among the total pandemonium. You have to see it to believe it. It is specially moving on the 14th, the end of the fiesta, when everybody refuses to leave the bullring until they have had a good dance.


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