Nikon D800

This is a conceptual video created to get to know the Nikon D800. I decided not to focus on raw shots as I rarely every use them in production; instead, I chose to exercise the full array of post processing that my footage normally goes through. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Follow: @thexfr

Model + Voiceover: Meghan Mae Curry
Quote: Frankie Zelnick, from "Except Everything"
Music: "London" by James Newton Howard

"I don’t know very much. In fact, all of my knowledge could probably fit into one average sized box, light enough for one average person of average strength to carry away. And I would let them carry it away if needed. I would let them take from me every fact I knew for certain, every detail I knew as truth, every explanation I had ever formed. Because I’ll always continue to search."


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