Nitehawk Cinema Shorts Festival

"An experimental documentary filmed partially with a surveillance camera, Collatos' film is nothing less than unusual, compelling, and quite educational -- which is a compliment. A brief, near ghostly collection of people and places in Berlin, Collatos frames his film around the ideas of change and unification in Germany, ultimately capturing a cacophony of events, sometimes violent, sometimes meditative, and always confrontational."

- - Ben Umstead - Indie Beat: 5 Most Intriguing Indies In August

"Berlin hovers on the American and English and French consciousness, the nighthawk in the air like the winged forme-dessinée in Fritz Lang’s Die Nibelungen. A group of young people have inTheodore Collatos’s Berlin Day to Night turned up in the city, culture of Kapital, to shoot Berlin itself, a fantasy in the double-sense of the verb, Berlin all historical upheaval incarnate. Collatos’s film concludes on a prostitute solicitation where she’s really getting pulled into an on- camera surveillance interview. At the time of this writing, 505 plays, therefore essentially 1000 eyes."

- Craig Keller (Producer of Masters of Cinema and critic for

NoBudge here:

Amsterdam Film Festival *Winner Van Gogh Award for Excellence in Cinematography*


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