Voigtländer Nokton

First martial art Martinique danmyé or ladja the shock is born from the meeting of two worlds. Slaves from Senegal and elsewhere by passing the island of Gorée have created a fighting art inspired by the initiation ceremony "N'Golo" ceremony symbolized the transition from adolescence to adulthood and consisted of a confrontation in the form of struggle. The main source of inspiration is undoubtedly the Lamb (Senegalese wrestling)

The cultural melting pot confirmed the transformation of modes of expression. Quadrille, Martinique traditional dance is inspired by the ballroom of the royal court.

The owner (Beke) used his standard, more generally original Mandingo (African tribe) as a gamecock he exhibited during holidays. However, the loss of his best element or temporary disability of the latter made the Béké stopped this kind of event. These fights "majors", however, continued to court fiestas or during fighting "arrested." However, after departmentalization in 1947, municipal decrees forbade the practice of Danmyé.

Director: Will Azaan
Label: Will.Be Prod
Post production : Will.Be Prod
NEG DADA ( David Alexandre Fatna)

Music :
Jowee Omicil :AYIBOBO


j vimeo.com/54103726

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