Nordic and Experimental

Short animated novel — 2 characters stumble upon each other by chance — twice — in a hostile desert landscape. Soon they will need to work together in order to survive and to find their way back home.

Lots of embedded surreal details — see if you can find the little hommage to Banksy ;)

Winner of Best film in Heavyweight category @ EXIT Filmfestival, Spegeln, Gävle, Sept 2011.
Winner of Best original sound @ EXIT Filmfestival, Spegeln, Gävle, Sept 2011.

© 2011, Made in Gävle, A Yeahvle Production

Director & Animation Elin Hjulström
Art, Pre-production, Post-production Gustaf Lord
Script & Producer Johan Löfström
Sound & Music Slim Vic

Produced with financial and technical support from Länskultur Gävleborg, Filmpool Jämtland, IDKA Gävle.


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