NOT MTV music videos

A 48 hour film competition held by Wormland fashion retailers.

The brief was given to us at 12pm, on 9th November 2013. We were provided with 5 musical tracks to choose from, a set of guidelines with 5 inclusions we must place in the video and some mens clothing.

We had 48 hours to make a 90 second spot.

1: Inclusion of 'Darth Vader - Bad Is The New Good' tshirt.
2: A Giraff (animal)
3: The phrase 'Would You Like Some More Ketchup?' (Möchten Sie noch Ketchup dazu?)
4: A sex toy (we chose a toy)
5: A daily national newspaper. (We chose Bild)

Production costs we personally incurred:
Camera rental - Sony FS700
4x Arri 800watt fresnel's
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner... Box of tea!

Partners in crime:

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