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Free_Hand_Light is a experiment with Kinect, Processing and Arduino. The idea is to track the motion of the body to activate the Light (any on/off equipment). After getting the data in Processing by Kinect,
we can use the nodes of the body to generate your idea. For, example, in this case the distance between hands is mapping as a slider to control the length of the actuator or the controller of which light should be turn on.

Two-hands-above defines the "Dimmer effect."
Tow-hand locating in the middle defines the "No.?" of the lights should be turn on.

So to use this data transformation to make free-form gesture controller.
(Free-Form means controlling without mouse and keyboard).

The next step might be trying to implement this free form gesture controller into my HyperCell as an interface.

Music: Air_La Femme D'Argent


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