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This is a kind of "trailer" for my rigidbody library for p5/ processing. A screencast of the generic examples as part of the library.

bRigid provides classes for an easier handling of jBullet in Processing. bRigid is thought as a kind of Processing port for the bullet physics simulation library written in C++. This library allows the interaction of rigid bodies in 3D. Geometry/ Shapes are build with Processing PShape Class, for convinient display and export(dxf). This library is developed through and for an architectural context. Based on my teaching experiences over the past couple years.

jBullet is a Java port of Bullet (c) 2008 Martin Dvorak
Bullet Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library (c) 2003-2013 Erwin Coumans
many thanks to the jBullet/processing examples of Giulio Piacentino and Richard Brauer.



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