Odyssey and Friends

Every year for the past 6 years me and my friends have been taking this roadtrip. Its our way of staying in touch. I used to live up in Erie PA with these guys and had to leave rather abruptly. The trip always happens as a way to kick start summer. We try to film as much as possible just to remember the goodtimes we had for when we are old and cant walk.

The music for the video is mainly the music we listened to through the trip. At almost any given time we could be seen rolling up to a stoplight having a private dance party in the car to Lady Gaga, attracting attention from everyone around. The whole idea behind this was NFG. No F**ks Given.

Shout out to all the dudes in the video, as well as Beavis from starry eyed productions. He was on the trip as well, but we never got clips of him.

j vimeo.com/5082940

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