one man band

The golden rule is a movie with some unfinished footages
the project was stopped close to the end of the adventure, but i decided to release on internet the film splitted into some parts .
The project was started in 2008 and was stopped in 2010.
More than 2 years of crazy hard work , this movie is 2d hand drawn animation entirely. Created as a 2d platformer.

The story focuses on Princess Emerancy of the Citadel of the skies.

The citadel is attacked while the princess is performing a dance recital for something.
The princess have a mysterious little magic lamp like the one from Fairytales...

The Monsters are very furious and there is a lot of them on many forms (soldiers/monsters )
Why the citadel is attacked , it's related to the Magic lamp she got?
and why the movie starts to the second chapter ?

Take a look to the first part of the Golden rule Unreleased ver.

Real (animation 2d/montage/characters designs) : Kayode .hermann
No sound .
Duration 17 minutes , first part.


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