one man band

This video was part of the first, in a long line of video installations, which I produced in New Orleans from 2009-2013.

this is what I wrote about it at the time:

Although television may become less relevant in the face of new technologies, it still has the power to demand the attention of millions of Americans, every night of their lives. Currently, reality shows are one of the most prevalent forms of communication in the most powerful country in the world.
There is a well-documented osmotic relationship between producers and consumers; promoters do not strictly force their will upon us, we also have to ask for it. In this case, media producers are perfecting a carnal rhythm that puts many humans enjoyable hypnotic state, a fertile environment for suggestion. When the rhythm is present, it manifests itself on television as minimal content inflated to the point of absurdity, similar to the formulas echoed by the food industry and financial market. This absence of content, the anti-content, acts like an addictive drug and is the foundation of all Reality Television.


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