In this class I explain how I had the audacity to ask God to make me a king and how God answered my request by picking me to represent Jesus's return. It ends with a prophecy of the next 911 disaster. The ^thumbnail^ is from the movie Chinatown and it's the luck that prophets have because I made this on 1-29-11 and then classes L99 & L112 over a year later. New York might not be impressed with the coincidence of my grandpa Wes Overson as Perry Mason and playing my god in heaven in L99 but I was amazed at how "my lawyer" backed up this prediction of the next 911 disaster.

THE FBI kept baiting me to browse sexy videos at Vimeo and when I did I got so mocked that I hope I don't try that again. It got real EXpensive at Terry Richardson's picture of a monkey wearing the same kind of glasses that my grandpa Wes Overson used to wear. You can mock a person as a monkey but NOT when he’s playing GOD.

The tag lines to the 2001 movie EVOLUTION said it best:
Have a nice end of the world.
(They're) coming to wipe that silly smile off your planet's face.

By mocking God as a monkey you only made this prediction of the next 911 disaster more severe and literal, it's like you're
begging for more.

A goal to not make any “you're so vain” slips got overruled and I'll have to risk it because the next story is like my support group for Adult Children of Alcoholics. When I found out how dysfunctional I was I got a very strong desire to fix it and be normal.=rq1039am 5-13-14 is a confirmation to tell this story and on the 18th anniversary of when I went on welfare it's a sign of: you got what you paid for, (& or beg for).

First I need to explain how dysfunctional YOU are at
class 188
Some of the uncivil feedback to 184 is such vicious slander of me that it's TO DIE FOR (Like the movie with Nicole Kidman). I think I know why they've gotten so vicious, it's due to how well I exposed the usual media lies like in Madonna's song You'll See (U'LC) in #161 @ 53 min at The more thoroughly their lies get exposed the more viciously they mock and slander me. Since anyone who doesn't fall in line gets the same treatment as me I've gotten signs that the public has joined the 666 media in mocking me, (it's dysfunctional to go along with evil just to get along), and it will lead to a great break for me, that's after
PLANET (rated) X at 4 min.

Here's another version of it [=rw444pm was God saving me to be on time].
at L5B
...these 1129s were calling me "you're so vain" except God said it's quite the opposite.

These are the lyrics at the ^thumbnail^

Someday you'll be sorry
Someday when you're free
Memories will remind you
That our love was meant to be
Late at night when you call my name
The only sound you'll hear
Is the sound of your voice calling
Calling after me.

This L5b has a warning that my classes would be mocked away and that I would be the Levi's #153 girl.
…It was a sign of "Someday you'll be sorry" to the people who watched my classes but wouldn't deign to give a compliment or defend it.

1a1 @

...with me as "the one that got away". It's next to a cowboy in a pick-up truck that's similar to Brandy's music video where God is singing ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT to those called to NOT "go along to get along" with those (devils) who scoff and mock divine signs away, (in L5a @ 1:32 @

In class 92b I explain a sign in the movie Amadeus where God was showing us the proper way to react to the divine information that heaven was sharing through me when Mozart’s wife asks “Is it not good?” and Salieri replies “It's miraculous.”. Next is a proper way to react to losing someone who could make the next two classes 123 & 179c, it's in the lyrics to Rod Stewart's
THE KILLING OF GEORGIE that follows, (except it's too late to get me to stay).

From the top line at class 123

At 179c I talk about getting poisoned against gays and finding an antidote for it by what I wrote here and show @ 13 min.

A guy with a WIZARD WEAR T-shirt was begging PLEASE to his girlfriend and it was a sign to me of
how to get more magic from God, like more of my classes in

Oh Georgie stay, don't go away
Georgie please stay you take our breath away
Oh Georgie stay, don't go away
Georgie, Georgie please stay you take our breath away

A big confirmation sign was Rod's next song that started playing in iTunes was:

This old heart of mine been broke a thousand times.
Each time you break away, feel you're gone to stay.
See ^this song^ and the thumbnail story at 11 min in L116 It's a big confirmation that what I wrote here is true. I play THE KILLING OF GEORGIE and explain another hidden message in it at 61 min in L5a


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