ofxMSAPhysics is a C++ 3D particle/constraint based physics library for openFrameworks. It uses a very similar api to the traer.physics library for processing to make getting into it as easy as possible.

Version 2.0a is now available for testing.

Main features include

* particles
* springs
* attractions (+ve or -ve)
* collision
* replay saving and load from disk (temporarily disabled in current alpha release)
* custom particles (extend ofxMSAParticle and add to the system)
* custom constraints (extend ofxMSAConstraint and add to the system)
* custom force fields (extend ofxMSAParticleUpdater and add to the system)
* custom drawing (extend ofxMSAParticleDrawer and add to the system)

source code for the above demo and library can be found at


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