This piece questions the role that all of the little gadgets we use from day to day play in our lives. Frequently, they are a form of escapism, used to avoid thinking and interacting by staring into the information space. Often they are being used as a tool to spy on us and gather data about our habits. For once, they are “consciously” staring back at us, moving and following viewers around.

The piece consists of four Android tablets, two counter-balances, seven servos and two Kinects. The Kinects track users as they walk about the space. A piece of OpenFrameworks software then works out what angles each of the servos needs to rotate to based on people's locations, how each of it's parent servos are orientated and the structure of the mobile. This is then sent over ethernet to a Chipkit board (80Mhz Arduino compatible board) that controls the servos. The tablets are all running a Processing app.

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