Data Visualization installation for the 4S / EASST joint conferences in Copenhagen October 2012.
Using water pumps, compressed air and 1000 meters of PVC tubing we designed a sculpture that simulates the flow of bike traffic through the streets and pathways of Copenhagen. Presenting the real data in an abstract form.

Created by: Tobias Lukassen, Halfdan Hauch Jensen and Johan Bichel Lindegaard
Footage and editing: Johan Bichel Lindegaard
Interview footage: Kristian Foldager
Soundtrack: Breathe by Telepopmusik

Special thanks to Maja Fagerberg and Maja Lund Løkkegaard, Christian Liljedahl, Schack Lindemann, Vanessa Carpenter, Harald Viuff, Nicolas Padfield and all the members of Illutron.



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