here is the latest test flight with the NEW "Herkules III"
brushless controller for multicopter usage.

The test configuration is:
- Oktokopter Frame AS8, 118cm dimension between axes
- FlightControl DJI Wookong (powered by 8V Herkules BEC)
- Motor Axi 4120/20 465kV 37A
- ESC "Herkules III" 8S High Voltage Edition with active freewheeling and PPM Firmware HKIIIv3_SW095_PPM_AFW1_kHz16_ADV12 (i2c Firmware for Mikrokopter also avaible)

Props Fiala 15x6 Wood

6S/8.400 Lipo (2x 6S/4200)
12,8kg lift-off weight (Kopter 5,6 – Lipo 1,7 – payload 5,5)
Hover Amps = 71A (Hover Throttle at 65% Throttle Stick)
Max. Peak = 174A
Air Temp = 5°
ESC Temp = 11°
Motor Temp = 20°
Flight Time = 3:40 usage 4424mAh (1207mAh/min)
6S x 3.8V x 71A = 1619Watt mit 12,8kg => 7,9g/Watt

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Information and Order:

Part 1: 6S + 8S Graupner 14x8
Part 2: 6S Fiala 15x6
Part 3: 6S + 8S Xoar 15x6


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