Moving the 87 year old Sellwood Bridge in Portland Oregon on January 19th, 2013.

The Sellwood Bridge spans the Willamette River and it's deck is about 1100 feet long and weighs 6.8 million pounds. The bridge was moved to make room for a new bridge. More info at sellwoodbridge.org

I wish I had more angles but I had no one to watch my gear to setup another camera. I ran out of juice and memory before completion but I manage to capture about 7 - 8 hrs of the 12 hour move.

Check out Michael Lloyd's time-lapse for a much better view - vimeo.com/57876582

Also check out Dan Tidwell's multiple cam time-lapse which gives you an inside look - youtube.com/watch?v=XhO1ptzh-gk&list=PLT2VflS80ku1_M1qV_jg6GBvmeJ8H4Zc6

Olive Musique - Opposites Attract

j vimeo.com/58004017

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