Original Storytelling

After the River is a feature length dramatic film exploring the mental state of a man, Arnie Immenza, whose life choices leave him void of emotion. His desire to escape from his father's legacy and his hope for his brother's success clash with his regimen of poker and alcoholism.

Arnie is a representation of mechanical coldness and detachment from humanity. His commitment to his vocation unleashes the conflict and movement in this film. Arnie knows from his father that the way to win and make money is by concealing all expression at the table. What he does at the table, he does in life. He has no control over his self-control. As he succeeds in suppressing his emotions, Arnie's mental, physical and spiritual states rapidly diminish.

The theme of real versus unreal emerges as Arnie shrinks further away from life and becomes nearly artificial. Arnie is left a near empty shell, merely passing through the lives of those around him. The film asks how a man incapable of responding to life, responds.

We have made this film to tell a story with autobiographical elements that touch us at our core. The film deals with addiction, alcoholism and paralyzing detachment from others. This is not a story of redemption, rather an examination of the effects of these elements.

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