Original Storytelling

In a world where violence and deception are the news, fear and distrust divide us more and more each day.
Yet friendships are sealed online with the click of a button. One man set out to reach beyond the screen, and to prove how social networks can be used to unite and overcome our problems and fears.


When we talk about "independent" film, it's always a rather vague definition. I would like to underline the independent quality of this project. So far it's been completely self funded, with little to no budget, and done by a team that in the best of cases reached 5 people, but mostly with lots and lots of effort and sacrifice by all of its components.
There are many ways to support the completion of it, but the easiest and the most effective is to show your support by liking this video, sharing it online to people interested with the subject, or subscribing to our social profiles. It's as good as money, because it helps with the promotion of our project, but it costs you nothing.

The only drive we have is this simple belief: that cinema is about conveying a message, so if there's no one watching our mission is not accomplished.

Directed by Pablo Apiolazza: twitter.com/pabloapiolazza
Produced by Federica Raffin: twitter.com/FedericaRaffin
An APZmedia production: apzmedia.com
With Wijnand Boon
Music by Pommez Internacional: facebook.com/pommezinternacional

To keep updates for this and other projects: facebook.com/APZmedia
To know more about Wijnand's pilgrimage: twalkwithme.eu

j vimeo.com/74191601

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