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TO LOVE AND CONQUER - The Manifesto of Amanda and Zachary {Directors Cut} by Marrone Films

When Amanda and Zachary hired us to film their wedding, we had no idea what we were getting into! Their story was one of hope, believing that true love conquers all. Inspired by the 1940's, we came up with a concept based in World War 2, demonstrating the bond between a man and a woman, where no matter what, even in times of war and hardship, they are inseparable.

This was shot with Amanda and Zachary (non-actors), as the lead characters of course, along with a cast and crew of over 20 people in only 1 day and 1 location. We picked a chalet almost 2 hours north of Montreal, that had nothing modern in or around it, resembling the same type of architecture you would find in Belgium or northern Europe. We used the property for the war scenes and the basement for the prison. Without scouting it in advance, we took a chance on it and got lucky. With a little creative lighting, smoke & mirrors we were able to play a lot of tricks for the camera. Filming it in Black and White with no sound also made things easier (technically). We filmed it at 30fps, then brought it down to 24fps in post, slowing it down just enough to get the look we wanted.

With only a basic script and shot list to go by, we improvised quite a bit. When shooting non-actors, adjustments are made on the fly to make the acting more natural, but our cast were pros, so they got it right after just a couple of takes!

Shot only 3 days before the wedding on our RED Epic, we had very little time to edit. For the wedding reception, we premiered a shortened version of this film, with a more music video feeling, shown just before Amanda and Zachary were announced into the hall. It was very well received, leaving guests in complete awe! As if this film wasn't enough, we also produced a Same-Day-Edit that night, which was a great success as well.

The fact that we produced this film in such little time, with non-actors and a very small budget, makes it quite an achievement for us, one that we are very proud of. It goes to show that a love story doesn't have to be limited to hugs and kisses and roses. As wedding cinematographers, it was challenging to stay away from the typical, but by pushing our creativity through experimental film, we opened our eyes, and hopefully those of our viewers to new possibilities. Hope you enjoy!

We respectfully dedicate this film to all those whose Loves were lost at war.

Producer: Marrone Films
Director: Francesco Giannini
Director of Photography: Riccardo Marrone
Executive Producers: Riccardo Marrone & Tanya Rembacz
Co-Producer: Francesco Giannini
Starring: Zachary Buono, Amanda DiCarlo
Co-Starring: Gennaro Vadacchino, Sarah Buono, Samuel E. Mac, David Synack & Ricky Simanella
Story: Riccardo Marrone,Tanya Rembacz & Francesco Giannini
Writer: Riccardo Marrone
Camera Assistant / Data Wrangler: Adam Hemi Petel
Artistic Director: Marjorie Langevin
Assistant Decorator: Kenza Alaoui-Socé
Hair Stylist: Vincent Diplacido
Make-Up Artist: Deisy Mariano
Production Manager: Tanya Rembacz
Set Manager: John Rembacz
Grip / Gaffer: Jordano Aguzzi
Production Assistant / Historical Researcher: Victor Coppola
Costume & Prop Rentals: Gascon & Krukowski inc, Army Surplus IG & Code Blue
Car Rental: Antique Limo Services
Location: Pierrette Bellizzi
Soundtrack Licensing: themusicbed.com
Filmed with the RED EPIC in 5K


j vimeo.com/75460557

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