Original Storytelling

Interpretation 1 - He was just editing what happened earlier.
Interpretation 2 - Your perspectives can be driven by your imagination.
Interpretation 3 - He dreamed what happened earlier.
Interpretation 4 and more - I'm sure you can crack this code in your ways too. To each their own.

Music Credits:
"Danse Morialta" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
"Kool Kats" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Counter Intelligence - Immediate Music
Red - Branton
"Hitman" - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Shots Analyzed

The dutch angles in the entire first sequence should foreshadow that something is off balance, that something isn't exactly right. Speaking of distorting shots, how did the first sequence end? With static. All of the shots up until he walked into the elevator should illustrate that he is confident, he is in power, and he has control. Especially with a low angle shot at 0:26. The long wait for the elevator door to close was a contrast to later on in "reality" when he had to rush to door before the elevator closed on him, once again demonstrating his constant control of the situation. The only diegetic sounds in this film are the secret room's door closing, typing, hitting "enter", and the giant elevator door opening. The doors closing and opening represent a sense of transformation, which ultimately is what the whole secret agent thing is about. It is an imagination realm that he created in which he transformed to a different person than who he really is. The typing sounds are there to tell what he's doing, but the "enter" sound effect has more to it. It is never actually seen anywhere in the film that he pressed an "enter" button, just like how the secret room was not seen the first time he walked passed it, but he came back around and entered it. The first time he hits enter, ACCESS GRANTED popped up, and he began working on the computer with a slow zoom out to epic music. The second time, the icon of the movie editing software that he's using popped up, and he edited clips of his own imagination. The third time, it cut to black. When someone hits the "enter" key hard after typing, it usually means that the person knows what he's doing. But to answer his friend's question, "what do you do now?", the answer could be ambiguous. It can either be what he was typing, the straight out answer, or he could say that he dreams, or like how his friend "moved out to get away and start fresh", he's trying to escape as well. This is why in the secret agent sequence, the rack focus goes from "esc" to his fingers, indicating that this is the escape. Whereas when he's just editing a movie, the focus slowly shifted towards "esc" almost as if trying to reach it. Lastly, when he's home, the keyboard is harshly blurred except for the part he's typing on. The motif of the color yellow represents home, or reality. The beginning was obviously color corrected to give a mysterious and secret agent feel. But the bizarre colored lighting shot at 1:31 first suggested in the color yellow. It is mixed with green and both out of focus. Although the shot is really short and quick, it is intentional that the lights almost focused then diffused out greatly right as he finished typing and received the green text of access granted. With yellow commonly meaning caution and green meaning go, he took the easy route to follow the green text in this realm. The lights once again represented an imbalance in his reality. After which, at 1:38, from the background you can now see yellow, but also a line in the middle of the shot behind his head separating the yellow and the dark. He slowly leans into the yellow but quickly came back around into the dark, which even darkened his face a little. Just as at 1:53, he is surrounded by the color yellow, yet his face is still lit up by a blue lighting. When he came home at 2:25, the color outside the door was also, wait for it, blue.

j vimeo.com/88495404

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