OVERLAP: Laboratory of Audio/Visual Anthropology


Eye of The Dawn is a short film on the exotic dancer Mata Hari who was shot as an alleged double-agent in Paris in 1917. The piece explores the boundaries between truths and lies. It plays with the idea of legend and myth of a historical figure such as Mata Hari, who built a fake story about her career and so gained fame and wealth. The film develops the reconstruction of her identity and creates new meaning using fake found footage and sound. I used material found on the internet, which could be false or true to play with the idea of speculation as trend in society which creates legends and myths from historical events.

“Generation of ghosts, which is to say about certain others who are not present, nor presently living, either to us, in us, or outside us, it is the name of justice. Of justice where it is not yet, not yet there, where it is no longer (...) it is necessary to speak of the ghost, indeed to the ghost and with it.” Jacques Derrida

The film is part of a multimedia performance project about Mata Hari, in colaboration with the choreographer Sarah Deeas. sarahdeeas.com/

Set Designer , Costumes and Make up artist :Klara Piechocki-Brown. klara.co.uk
Voice over : Amanda Palacios.
Special thanks to Grace Baird, Maria Eva Russo and Paul Gilks.

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