OVERLAP: Laboratory of Audio/Visual Anthropology

What do Matt Damon, Madonna, Denzel Washington and Michael Jackson have in common?

'Impersonated Reality' is a self-reflexive ethnographic film produced in collaboration with Creative Support.
It follows the weekly rehearsals of the 'Breakthrough' drama group for individuals with different types of learning disabilities. Why do people want to become famous?
You can watch now the full finished show here: youtube.com/watch?v=EyQqmYtQvhk
Or an alternative cut / concept here: vimeo.com/95484874

By pretending to be someone else we can discover more ourselves and, by looking back at the whole process of becoming another, we end up being a creative character in our own documentary.

Created as the final project for Paul Henley's Beyond Observational Cinema course
at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology (University of Manchester)
Premiered at the special viewing room during Days of Ethnographic Film 2015 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

j vimeo.com/97029070

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