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Beyond the Brink was made between 2009 and 2010 as a personal investigation into the climate change debate. It was filmed at a time when climate change received massive media attention and controversies circulated about its scientific reporting (ones which, in fact, should have cast no doubts about the validity of the science or the reality of the risks). Since then, the attention has wained while the urgency of the challenge has only increased.

This 40 minute film charts the knowns and the unknowns of the science, the risks, and the reasons to be hopeful for the future. Interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Mark Lynas, David Shukman, Prof Dieter Helm, the UK Youth Climate Coalition, and Ross's grandparents among others, offer fresh perspectives on a subject that - despite slipping from the media spotlight - divides the public, and yet is still meaningless to many.


Generous sponsorship has meant the film is available for free for anyone to watch and use. You're encouraged to hold your own screenings and show your friends! But the success of the film relies on people knowing about it. Please help spread the word wherever you can if you like what you see and hopefully Beyond the Brink can help engage, inform and perhaps inspire people about the challenge ahead.


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Stornoway | stornoway.eu/

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