Oxford (UK) Videographers

Filmed with the Museum of Oxford's Art Group. The animation will be part of the 'Head Over Heels' exhibition at Oxford Town Hall in March 2012.

The catwalk backgrounds show Oxford High Street through the ages.
Here are the advertisements in detail: stopmogo.com/blog/shoe-gazing/

Joan Bellinger
Marilyn Ching
Patrick Connolly
Janet Davies
Clare Donaldson
Val Forsdyke
Anne Harrap
Kate Holder
Katherine Hughes
Jane Jones
Hilda de Silva
Neil Stevenson

Backgrounds, puppets & post-production:
Emma Dougherty
StopMoGo stopmogo.com

Music - 'Shoe Fits'
Composition: Mark Crozer markcrozermusic.com
Piano: Anna Pearce
Ukulele: Richard Stratton
Banjo: CJ Hardee
Trumpet: Stuart Cardell

j vimeo.com/35998385

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