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There are few daily 'Before and After' transformations as satisfying and endlessly explored than the turning of ingredients into a meal.

For our third Rock & Roll Recipe we're going to race through a quick recipe in under 1 minute!
The music is Spring Break Road Trip by Judson Lee Music, visuals enhanced by Vive View by Vimeo Video Enhancer.

Here's how to make pancakes.

Before you embark on this journey of transformation you'll need:

- 110g of plain flour
- 200ml of milk
- 75ml of water
- 50g of butter
- 2 x eggs
- 1 x lemon
- A pinch of salt


- Place flour in a bowl and mix in salt
- Add the two eggs and mix into a dough
- Combine water and milk in a separate jug
- Bit by bit add the milk to the dough, mixing as you go
- Keep mixing once all liquid is added until mixture is smooth
- Heat a frying pan
- When hot add a little of your butter, maybe 10g
- If the butter bubbles furiously it's hot enough
- Pour a ladle of your mix into the pan
- The top surface will go from being liquid to solid
- Once the top surface is solid, and before the other side burns, flip your pancake
- Cook this side of the pancake until brown and serve

After your transformation:

Flavor your pancake with whatever takes your fancy.
Our favorite is simple lemon and sugar.

j vimeo.com/63054128

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