DESIGN ME A PLANET, "DMAP" is a Think Tank and Do Tank dedicated to find positives long-term scenarios for the planet earth.

The idea appeared in 2008 when Michel Saloff Coste, the founder, being disappointed by the Copenhagen Summit , wished to propose alternative scenario than the main stream scenario of "business as usual" which possibly damaging for mankind and the planet.

Design Me A Planet is still a small informal organization, which operates on five continents with around 1000 affiliates and links with around 100 others NGO's.

During the last five years DMAP has been involved in the following activities:
• Developing and studying possible long term positive scenarios
• Organizing seminaries and forum in German French and English on long terms planetary issues and solution.
• Participating in meetings around those subjects.
• Looking for examples of good practices and positive business models.
• Giving "Planetary Awards"
• Organizing exhibitions and creative artistic workshops with adults and children on five continents.
• Filming all those activities and developing a trans-media platform to share those activities on Internet.

Last year PBS got interested in the project and proposed to make a serie of television programs under the name "Design Me A Planet on PBS".

This television series will use the contents and network developed by DMAP to present:
• Why future long term thinking is important today?
• How we can anticipate possible futures and build a better future?
• What are major possible scenarios, opportunities, risks?
• How experts, companies, civil society, NGO's, governments, children's see the future?
• What are the good practices around the planet?

This one-hour show will feature Michel Saloff Coste interweaving and presenting all over the planet people, places and concrete examples of "avant-garde" break trough in business models, social organizations, ecological recycling, energy, mobility, biodiversity, science, art and philosophy …

The place we plane to visit are: Palm Spring, Copenhagen, Lille, Paris, and Vienne.

You can participate in sending your ideas and projects or by financing.


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