PixelController is an OpenSource LED matrix controller software by Michael Vogt 2010-2013.
PixelController was developed to support my own PixelInvaders Panels (pixelinvaders.ch), meanwhile it support a lot of different hardware.

This "Rough Cut" video shows new features of the upcoming 1.3.1 release. New features:
-Wireless PixelInvaders Panels
-OSC Generator: use Processing (or any tool you like) to send images to PixelController.

**Update: PixelController v1.3.1 released, see neophob.com/2013/03/pixelcontroller-v1-3-1-released/ for more details**

I included some nice Processing code examples, like using your Android phone's camera to stream to PixelController.

PixelController is an OpenSource project, hosted on GitHub: github.com/neophob/PixelController
Download URL: code.google.com/p/pixelcontroller/downloads/list

Music by Garth Knight - Creepshow Theme: soundcloud.com/garth_knight/garth-knight-creepshow-theme

j vimeo.com/61141493

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