Painted Art in motion

KWA is an abstract videographer and experimental recording artist specializing in UltraSonic Illuminations. The Mind Massage is an Abstract Multidimensional Film designed to expose the "deception of perception".

KWA has pioneered the use of a specialized form of color based 3-D, which delivers added depth and separation while actually enhancing the color gradation of these unique works. While the Mind Massage Series can be experienced somewhat adequately in the 2-D format presented in this trailer, please email for procurement of media subscriptions, multidimensional frames and Mobile Mind Massage Units.

**KWA has created the phrase UltraSonic Illuminations to more effectively express the purpose of his unique works. Ultrasonic meaning beyond the range of Human perception and Illuminations meaning enlightenment. While ample elements of these works can certainly be perceived, it is the intended experience (an experience beyond the empirical) the artist seeks to define with this phrase.


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