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Backed by Meteora eternal rocks and mountains of Pindos it has evolved another year In Diava village near Kalampaka, Meteora, Greece, the 4th in a series Downhill Race in 2013 of the 1st National OPEN Downhill Cup.The ideal conditions and the short rain on Saturday, made 142 riders to fly, bringing enough the average speed up to 40km/h and Constantine Andrioti to show everyone once more who is the leader!

1st Andriotis Costantinos
2nd Oikonomou Dimitris
3rd Ioannou Ioannis

1st Tsiantikos Basilis
2nd Kaloxeretas Kostas
3rd Papanikolaou Charis

1st Kriemadis Stamatis
2nd Dimopoulos Vaggelis
3rd Papanikolaou Charis

1st Alyfakiotis Antonis
2nd Dimitriou Eleftherios
3rd Vlassopoulos Giorgos


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