Panasonic AG HMC 151

About Gedung Kuning:
Haji Yusoff was a Malay entrepreneur in Singapore and the pioneer of a Malay philanthropist. He bought Gedung Kuning in 1912 and his family owned Gedung Kuning until 1999 when the mansion was acquired by the Singapore government under the Land Acquisition Act.

28 July 1972:
Hidayah Amin was born in Gedung Kuning. To commemorate her birth, Fatimah, her grandmother (Haji Yusoff's eldest daughter) planted a mango seed in the garden in Gedung Kuning. This seed grew into a tree that bore sweet mangoes that were shared with friends and neighbours. The mango tree was chopped down on Saturday 23 June 2012.

About Hidayah Amin:
Fondly known as Cik Idah, one of Haji Yusoff's great-granddaughters, invites you to her childhood home.

About the soundtrack:
"Non, je ne regrette rien" meaning "No, I'm not sorry for anything", is a French song composed by Charles Dumont, with lyrics by Michel Vaucaire. It was written in 1956, and is best known through its 1960 recording by Édith Piaf. Piaf dedicated her recording of the song to the French Foreign Legion.


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