[EDIT: Please follow me on Twitter @MichaelPlescia where I will announce any developments regarding, theory papers \ plugins \ tutorials of my shimmer-graining process.]

After having the privilege to participate in a test shoot with a beta model of the Digital Bolex, I can state with full confidence that this camera is the real deal and is the one filmmakers like me have been hoping for. Congratulations to Joe and the Bolex Team.

Please Note: My grade is an attempt at accentuating the inherent celluloid look of the camera by marrying it with my shimmer-graining processes to give it an early 90's era Kodak appearance. This process is slightly destructive and introduces flicker, color fluctuation and softness not native to the camera and does not reflect the true sharpness of the Digital Bolex sensor.

There is also some popping flicker (that appears in the skies here), which is a known issue of Adobe Camera RAW.

Lenses \ ZEISS CONTAX 25 mm f/2.8 & 50 mm f/1.4 & CP2 85mm and 21mm

Cinematography \ Kurt Lancaster & Michael Plescia

Edit \ Grade \ Michael Plescia

Music \ Michael Plescia \

RAW Convertor \ Adobe Camera RAW in After Effects


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