The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying it Forward

[ Dita's Watch is a non-narrative abstract short film based on 'Ditar Ghori' a Bengali science fiction ]

In an unknown time, there was a land called the Flatland. The brutal Cheetah Army was occupying the Flatland. The Cheetahs were determined to destroy the culture of time-keeping that was practiced in the Flatland.

Initially, Cheetahs banned the use of the second-hand of the clock, then the minute-hand was forbidden and finally the use of the hour-hand was proscribed. Anybody who would be caught with a clock or a watch would be killed. The Flatland was being decimated by Cheetah cruelty.

But the Flatland had an enlightened past. Its past inhabitants included an erudite society of philosopher scientists who were known as the Mechanists. Two characters in the struggle against the Cheetahs, a wise Watchmaker and a prescient Philosopher of time could be considered the last representatives of the Mechanist Order. The ancient Mechanists anticipated the bleak future of the Flatland and left a mechanism through which future Flatlanders could salvage their country.

To ensure the victory for time-keeping, our young protagonist T. traveled through a path prescribed by the Mechanists. He carried a special watch made by the Watchmaker. But depending on a crucial decision, his universe could be divided into multiple universes or multiple versions of the Flatland, and in each of these Flatlands, a different outcome would be realized.


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