The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying it Forward

My first bulb ramping test with the Timelapse+ (20130601 firmware) and my new Canon 6D and using my Canon 24-105mm at about 75mm. Shooting at my "home" spot, the Hollywood Bowl Overlook, it is a 5 minute drive up Outpost Road from my place in Hollywood. The settings were at 10 sec interval, starting at 1/10 of a second shutter, 100 ISO and starting at f16. I opted not to use ND's, so as to make this a pure device test without interrupting the auto bramp program to take off a filter or accidentally moving the lens. I shot for about 80 minutes. The settings at the end were about f6.3, 6 seconds, 100 ISO. I have to say, I still have yet to see the device ramp my ISO, but maybe I need to be shooting a longer session into the night. Unfortunately at the overlook spot, they kick you out about 45 mins after the sun sets. There is still some flicker in the video, maybe from the high f-stop or the abundant amount of headlights on the freeway, the neon signs of Hollywood or the lighting from the Kesha concert at the Bowl below me. I did no post deflickering in either LRTimelapse or GBdeflicker.
I've been testing this device for probably 9 months now. So far this is the best one so far.


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